“Where Children Grow in the Son.”

Our mission at Sonrise Christian School is “to create an environment in which children can experience the love of Jesus as they grow in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and people.” So, what does is mean to “Grow in the Son”? It means that Sonrise Christian School feels like home: a safe place where students are dearly loved and grow both spiritually and academically. It means that Sonrise teachers and staff are a close community, wholly invested in the growth, character and well-being of all students. It means that Sonrise students are equipped for success with Christ-centered curriculum, cutting-edge technology, and enrichment opportunities. Our mission at Sonrise means that students have every opportunity to grow to their fullest potential: excelling in school and in life.

48 Years of Experience

Over forty years ago a small group of parents met together to share a vision: a dream of sending their children to an excellent school that would uphold the Christian values and beliefs that they held so dear. And so, what began as only a dream took root in 1969 when eighteen students and three teachers bravely embarked on an adventure that has since shaped thousands of lives.

Since those early years Sonrise has grown in size and in quality. Today, it serves more than 400 children, celebrates the lives of over 3,000 alumni, and is fully accredited. It has earned the reputation of being a place of excellence as Sonrise graduates continue to excel in high school, college and in life.

Sonrise is much larger today than any of those founding parents could have imagined, but the commitment to that original vision holds firm: a vision of a school where children can grow spiritually, in character, and academically. A vision of a school that truly partners with parents, teaching and leading through example the values and beliefs of the Christian faith. Over the years God has blessed the school in so many different ways. Today, Sonrise has two wonderful campuses in Covina and San Dimas, a dedicated team of teachers and staff, hundreds of supportive families and thousands of graduates who are now living full and productive lives. Every day, children at Sonrise are learning and growing to be all that God has enabled them to be. Sonrise Christian School is truly a place where children can “grow in the Son.”