The mission of the Sonrise Christian School Library is to support the curriculum of the school with enriching materials; to encourage the studentslove of learning through appropriate materials available at the library and provide Christian literature that is not readily available in public or other secular libraries; and to develop studentsskills in using and evaluating resources and discernment skills.

All Sonrise students participate in Accelerated Reader (AR), a progress monitoring software assessment program. Based on each student’s independent reading level, AR helps teachers set personalized goals for each student. Each student will take the STAR Reading Enterprise assessment and teachers will then be able to determine a student’s optimal reading level. A student then selects a book that is at their reading level and reads at their own pace. The Sonrise library has AR books color-coded by level to easily assist students in locating a book at their reading level.

After reading the book the student takes a quiz, answering several comprehension questions about the book. If the student answers enough questions correctly, they will earn AR points. As students watch their AR points grow, they are motivated to reach their individual goals. All quizzes will be taken in the classroom during school hours. Parents can monitor their student’s progress and AR points through Home Connect. Each time your student takes a quiz, you will receive an email notification.

AR Bookfinder
Parents or students can look up the reading level and how many AR points a book is worth by going online.

Sonrise Library
Parents or students can access the library’s database here (and then click “Covina”) to see if the Sonrise library currently has a book in their collection; the book level and points will also be displayed if it is an AR book.

Common Sense Media
Common Sense Media reviews and rates books in terms of age-appropriate educational content, messages/role models, violence, and more for parents making media choices for their kids. CSM also reviews movies, TV, video games, apps, websites and other media.

Many students in third grade or higher are interested in reading the books on the Crown Gallery, Childrens Crown and Lamplighter Award lists. The Childrens Crown Award was established in 1992 by Sandra Morrow, librarian at Brentwood Christian School in Austin, Texas, with a grant she received from the Texas Christian Schools Association. In 1993, the National Christian Schools Association adopted the Crown Award. Each year twenty books are nominated that convey wholesome values, uplifting characters, and edifying themes that inspire children toward positive goals. In 1994 the Lamplighter Award was added for grades six through eight, with ten nominated titles per year. The Crown Gallery was added in 2000. Librarians and parents at participating schools are happy to know their students are reading books that promote the kind of values they are trying to instill.

If you would like to ask Mrs. Lehnhard a question about a book, author, the Accelerated Reading Program or if you have a research question, please email her at and she would be happy to respond!